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Date: 27/01/2013
Location: Perth
Introducing Perth's newest event, the Summer Splashdown. Cool off this summer in a 5km fun run with a watery twist held at Champion Lakes Regatta centre a man made world class aquatic facility. Get wet tackling the 7 water obstacles, whiz down the giant slip and slide, mount up for the pool pony derby, splosh through the mud pit, navigate your way through the foam car wash, crawl, climb and conquer the 13 land obstacles.

A cross between a fun run, obstacle course racing, and the television shows Wipeout and It's a Knockout - this will be entertaining, fun, great for spectators and a family day out. A fun run that is fun and anyone can take part, for the competitive racers we have a timed section and those doing it for fun there is no time limit you can take as long as you like. This race is a trip back to summer days in the backyard pool and the playground nothing too daunting or scary just lots of fun!!

Competitors will tackle 7 giant water obstacles which will involve swinging, balancing, climbing, ducking, and getting very wet, the 13 land military style obstacles will involve crawling, climbing, trampling, hurdling, bouncing and then wading through a mud pit be prepared to get very muddy and very wet.
Get Fit
PO Box 457
Wanneroo WA 6946

Race Packs:
Race packs are available for pickup between the 21st Jan until 25th Jan between 5.30am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm.

Pick up location:
Shop 4, 18 Dundebar Rd

Untimed Waves

6:50amRegistrations commence
8:00amWave 1 Starts
8:20amWave 2 Starts
8:40amWave 3 Starts
9:00amWave 4 Starts
9:20amWave 5 Starts
9:40amWave 6 Starts
10:00amWave 7 Starts
10:20amWave 8 Starts
10:40amWave 9 Starts
11:00amWave 10 Starts
11:20amWave 11 Starts
11:40amWave 12 Starts
12:00pmWave 13 Starts
12:20pmWave 14 Starts
12:40pmWave 15 Starts
1:00pmWave 16 Starts

Timed Waves

6:50amRegistrations commence
7:00amWave 1 Starts
7:30amWave 2 Starts

Kids Waves

6:50amRegistrations commence
8:00amWave 1 Starts
9:00amWave 2 Starts
10:00amWave 3 Starts
11:00amWave 4 Starts

Customer service
Enquiries about the event please contact:

Summer Splashdown
Get Fit
PO Box 457
Wanneroo WA 6946


All prices and fees in this event are in Australian Dollar ($) incl. GST.

You can find more information on this link: click here

blueChip Timing - PO Box 185, West Perth WA 6872, Australia