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Date: 01/06/2019 - 02/06/2019
Location: Leonora, WA
The Golden Gift is an iconic event for our region, which contributes social, cultural and economic benefits to the town and the Goldfields region. The weekend attracts world class athletes to compete in the foot races, other activities include horse races, fireworks, live music and the Golden Wheels cycle race, among other things.

Steel Cap Work Boot Sprint M & F$250 $150 $75 $50
Steel Cap Work Boot Sprint Relay$500 $300 $200 $100
U12 120m Sprint M & F$75 $50 $25
U12 120m LOCAL M & F$75 $50 $25
U16 120m Sprint M & F$150 $100 $50
U16 120m LOCAL M & F$75 $50 $25
U12 600m M/F$150 $100 $50
U12 600m LOCAL M/F$75 $50 $25
U16 600m M/F$200 $100 $75
U16 600m LOCAL M/F$100 $50 $25
Open/Elite 600m M & F$1,000 $550 $300
Open/Elite 600m LOCAL M & F$200 $100 $50
Open Mile M & F$500 $250 $150 $100
Open Mile LOCAL M & F$250 $150 $100 $50
Masters Mile M/F$500 $250 $150
Masters Mile LOCAL M/F$150 $100 $50
Open 120m Sprint M & F$1,250 $500 $300 $200
Open 120m LOCAL M & F$250 $150 $75 $25
Elite Mile Golden Gift M & F$6,000 $4,000 $2,000 $1,500
Elite Mile GG 5th-8th M & F$1,000 $750 $500 $250
The Shire of Leonora
16 Tower Street
WA 6438
(08) 9037 6044
5.15pmFemale Heats/Final Steel Cap Work Boot Sprint
5.30pmMale Heats/Final Steel Cap Work Boot Sprint
5.45pmRelay Heats/Final Steel Cap Work Boot Sprint
6.00mElite female mile heat
6.15pmElite male mile heat

10.00amHeat of open female 120 metre sprint
10.10am Heat of open male 120 metre sprint
10.20amFinal - Under 12 Female 120m Sprint
10.30amFinal - Under 12 Male 120m Sprint
10.40amFinal - Under 16 Female 120m Sprint
10.50amFinal - Under 16 Male 120m Sprint

11.00amCommunity Fitness Group Lap / Little kids dash

11.10amSemi-Finals Open Female 120m Sprint
11.20amSemi-Finals Open Male 120m Sprint
11.35amFinal - Under 12 Male/Female 600m
11.50amFinal - Under 16 Male/Female 600m
12.05pmFinal - Open/Elite Female 600m
12.15pmFinal - Open/Elite Male 600m

1.15pm-1:30pmBike Challenge Parade

1.30pmFinal - Open Female Mile
1.45pmFinal - Open Male Mile
2.00pmFinal - Male/Female Masters Mile
2.15pmFinal - Open Female 120m Sprint
2:25pmFinal - Open Male 120m Sprint

2.35pmU12/Open Bike Sprint (Leonora Kids) 2 x races

2.45pmFinal - Elite Female Mile
3.00pmFinal - Elite Male Mile

Please note that only runners identified by Runner's Tribe can enter the Elite Golden Gift Mile.

Customer service
Enquiries about the event please contact:

The Leonora Golden Gift
The Shire of Leonora
16 Tower Street
WA 6438
(08) 9037 6044

All prices and fees in this event are in Australian Dollar ($) and include GST where applicable.

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