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First Name Paul
Last Name Grimes
Race 4 Charity Wildlands Conservation Trust
Target Amount 500.00
What's your story I developed a love for wildlife and nature at a young age and in 2006. a love for running. I am excited to visit South Africa and to learn about its culture. people. and natural places. I hope to leave a positive impact and take a Comrades Marathon medal

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R 5644.73

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
19-12-2013 Anomynous R 50.00
29-12-2013 Edgar Martinez Have fun and Safe Travels! R 200.00
29-12-2013 Cathleen Good luck! R 100.00
07-01-2014 Paul Grimes R 100.00
07-01-2014 Candace Cavanna R 500.00
08-01-2014 Mom And Dad R 50.00
08-01-2014 Mom And Dad R 500.00
10-01-2014 Vicente And Harriet R 100.00
10-01-2014 Vicente And Harriet no i understand why mom and dad donated twice! R 500.00
22-03-2014 Glennis Corby R 200.00
23-03-2014 Rob & Shelley have an awesome trip R 200.00
23-03-2014 Kara Teklinski Have a great trip and race!!! R 544.73
23-03-2014 Nicole Bukenmeyer All your hard work will pay off! We are very proud of you! R 500.00
24-03-2014 Paul Sohal R 200.00
26-03-2014 Nick Z R 200.00
29-03-2014 David Lent Good luck on a wonderful adventure!!! R 1200.00
31-03-2014 Serf, Tina, Ava, Carlo & Rio Have a wonderful trip! R 500.00

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