Profile data
Team Kyalami Running Club
First Name Moerieda
Last Name Mackay
Race 4 Charity Starfish
Target Amount 5000.00
What's your story I am Dreaming Big again...going for that bronze medal and running Comrades in support of Starfish Charity. Starfish brings life. hope and opportunity to children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in South Africa

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R 6600.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
18-02-2015 Anomynous It always seems impossible until it's done! R 100.00
10-04-2015 Tony All the best Moerieda!!! I hope to see you next year at the start! R 200.00
10-04-2015 Alan Lets believe together, to change teh life of children, one at a time. R 500.00
14-04-2015 Roger Cardoza Great initiative. All the best. Many happy km's. R 50.00
17-04-2015 Adrian May When it starts to hurt remember why you are doing it and take pride. R 400.00
21-04-2015 Wendel Keep moving R 500.00
23-04-2015 Anomynous Keep your dream alive! All the best. R 100.00
24-04-2015 Jana Be the best you can be ... to everyone! R 200.00
24-04-2015 Christa You go girl. :^) R 100.00
26-04-2015 Sam Kachikoti Great going Moerida R 100.00
27-04-2015 Jamiel All the best R 100.00
27-04-2015 Astz You're a brilliant inspiration and through focus and determination you prove anything is possible R 500.00
29-04-2015 Faye Joubert M , we can see what running has done in your life every day , you will do it ! Bless you , FJ R 500.00
30-04-2015 Lauren Gullan Remember every step is a step nearer to the finish line, to success and to fulfilling your dream of raising money for Starfish! It takes guts and determination? I salute you! R 200.00
03-05-2015 Rafiek Well Done, live the dream... R 200.00
03-05-2015 Felix Go! Awesome initiative! R 200.00
04-05-2015 James Stander Good luck R 200.00
04-05-2015 Atos Good Luck! R 1000.00
04-05-2015 Samantha Very proud of you! You are an inspiration. I know you will do well:-) R 100.00
04-05-2015 Martin Pieterse R 200.00
04-05-2015 Kreson All the best!! R 200.00
04-05-2015 Theo Moodley Give it your all and remember to have FUN! R 200.00
06-05-2015 Marelise Da Silva Superstar know you will be brilliant. you are a well trained KRC athlete:) R 100.00
06-05-2015 Devi Moodley So proud of you. Third comrades. U have run further than some people have travelled. R 500.00
17-05-2015 Kerryn Marte Good luck for the race! R 150.00

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