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Club EasyEquities Born2Run - CG
First Name Carel
Last Name Nolte
Race 4 Charity Pink Drive
Target Amount 75000.00
What's your story After the privilege of being the top 2015 fundraiser with the support of 100s of people. I am looking forward to another year of contributing. .FUCancer. This year running for Mrs Savage. Terry Pearce. Michael McCann & all my friends who have cancer

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Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
29-12-2015 Anomynous R 5000.00
07-02-2016 Kevin And Becky Unstoppable...inspirational....backing you all the way my friend. R 800.00
12-03-2016 Romi Cause you the only person I know who drinks wine while running the comrades ;) R 100.00
12-03-2016 Noelene Kotschan R 50.00
12-03-2016 Charles Fukc cancer indeed R 1000.00
14-03-2016 The Paxi's #livewithpassion R 200.00
15-03-2016 Anomynous R 100.00
16-03-2016 Kiril Good luck! R 100.00
16-03-2016 Paolo Cavalieri R 50.00
17-03-2016 Genasys Go Carel R 1000.00
17-03-2016 Lerato Masemola For one and all! R 100.00
17-03-2016 Susannah R 50.00
18-03-2016 Ann Super good luck! Hope you enjoy every second! R 100.00
21-03-2016 Lloyd Holmes All the best Carel R 200.00
21-03-2016 Anomynous R 200.00
24-03-2016 Tracy Feakes R 1000.00
25-03-2016 Noelene Kotschan R 50.00
29-03-2016 Pete R 50.00
29-03-2016 Karin R 50.00
29-03-2016 Alex R 50.00
29-03-2016 David R 50.00
29-03-2016 Rikus R 50.00
29-03-2016 Hl Hall & Sons Investments (pty) Ltd R 5000.00
29-03-2016 Jenny Griesel Go Carel! You legend! R 100.00
29-03-2016 Leon Kok Good luck Carel ! R 100.00
29-03-2016 Lucille R 200.00
29-03-2016 Magda Kok Good luck Carel!! All of the best!! R 100.00
30-03-2016 Michele Katz My dearest Careltjie - you always inspire me. Mishkabobble xx R 500.00
30-03-2016 Michelle Wedderburn You are simply an inspiration to us all Carel R 500.00
30-03-2016 Tracy Mclaughlin R 500.00
30-03-2016 John Williams Truly inspirational, as always, Carel! R 100.00
30-03-2016 Andrea Magni you certainly are showing cancer the middle finger! Happy Birthday and have a fantastic run. R 200.00
30-03-2016 Colin Fifty bucks to #fuccancer ... R 50.00
30-03-2016 Gianluca Tucci #FuCancer Vamos señor! R 100.00
30-03-2016 Lisa Henry Run, Forest, run. R 100.00
30-03-2016 Hanlie Botha Gaan groot R 250.00
30-03-2016 Dianne Awesome Carel...Love your work! R 250.00
02-04-2016 James And Katie Saulez R 1000.00
02-04-2016 Gaye Happy Birthday R 500.00
03-04-2016 Kim Lowman Thank you for making this possible! R 200.00
03-04-2016 Eugene And Lyndal Love your work R 300.00
03-04-2016 Caroline Happy birthday R 1000.00
03-04-2016 Nick Evans R 200.00
03-04-2016 Jenny Retief #fu cancer Go Carel! R 100.00
03-04-2016 Marthie Lief vir jou Carel Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag. R 500.00
03-04-2016 Loredana Borello Happy birthday Carel. R 200.00
03-04-2016 Nerine Happy Birthday Carel. Finding getting to know you & layers very inspiring. R 1000.00
03-04-2016 Noelene, Roy And Bianca On your 'marathon' birthday, good luck when achieving your Comrades Ultra marathon goals. Thank you for all your support Carel. You are a true inspiration to us all. R 420.00
03-04-2016 Gavin & Kelly Brimacombe Happy 42nd birthday Carel, hope that the party is long & the race a breeze. Much love G & K R 1000.00
03-04-2016 Bryan And Stephen Mrs Simpsons Happy birthday to the nicest person we lknow R 1200.00
03-04-2016 Mel Dace And Family R 1000.00
04-04-2016 Shirley Finnemore Hestelle Savage R 200.00
04-04-2016 Vanessa R 1000.00
04-04-2016 Liz F Happy birthday and have a wonderful run. Thanks for all your passion to every venture! R 200.00
06-04-2016 Barbara Milmine Happy Birthday uncle Carel! With love from Giselle and Andreas xox R 1000.00
06-04-2016 Nilan Good luck mate.... fully behind you ! R 500.00
07-04-2016 Doug Laburn See you on the road! R 200.00
12-04-2016 Paul Jansen Van Vuuren Love your work! R 500.00
12-04-2016 Simon Good luck mate! R 100.00
12-04-2016 Linda Glass Go Carel !! R 100.00
13-04-2016 Leb Go slap the 89km! R 89.00
13-04-2016 Chantel Du Plooy Sterkte, You can do it!!! R 200.00
13-04-2016 Hette-Lize Marshall Respect! R 100.00
13-04-2016 Brad Good luck mate R 500.00
15-04-2016 Clayton Vetter R 500.00
19-04-2016 Donovan Van Graan Good Luck Legend! R 200.00
19-04-2016 Ronald Go you biscuit! R 500.00
20-04-2016 Gilian Dunnett R 100.00
20-04-2016 Rob Christian 3rd times a charm so this will your best race yet. R 500.00
20-04-2016 Gabbi And Dagan The hipster nerds are behind you all the way! Not literally, because we'd probably drop down dead doing a marathon, but you know what we mean ;) R 500.00
21-04-2016 Livingstone Crichton-Iig Good luck! R 900.00
22-04-2016 Colin Ford #24hrspinathon - doing it for Janey R 500.00
22-04-2016 Barker Insurance Go for it Carel! We will think of you all day. Enjoy the special journey. R 2700.00
22-04-2016 Paul And Toni #FUCANCER with CN and CO R 1000.00
22-04-2016 Brenda Ford For my dearest AJ R 100.00
22-04-2016 Stuart Theobald Go for it Carel! Really inspiring. Absolutely gutted I won't be there on the road with you this year. But we can have beer to commiserate soon. R 1000.00
22-04-2016 Tracey Feakes& Standard Bank Insurance Brokers R 1000.00
22-04-2016 Fiona For AJ and Jane. Well done Colly - from TTMBGITW xx R 100.00
23-04-2016 Blake & Dean R 410.00
24-04-2016 Kirsty Weaver Carel - this donation is for you to run for all the cancer warriors. 10 ront for each amazing km you complete. In memory of all those who have lost the fight to this disease, especially my dad, who died 22 years ago ... Back then he was given no treatment R 890.00
24-04-2016 Ruth Everson Kick the hell out of it! R 200.00
26-04-2016 Gina Trotter You go Carel xx R 200.00
26-04-2016 Celeste Gilardi Thank you for being such an inspiration Carel. X R 200.00
26-04-2016 Lindsey Shelver Good Luck Carel!! #fucancer R 300.00
26-04-2016 Carel This odd number is confusing me :) R 691.00
27-04-2016 Devan Kerr Your a special main Nolts R 200.00
27-04-2016 Anomynous R 500.00
27-04-2016 Kate That's my boy! R 100.00
27-04-2016 Tristan Finnemore The difference between "try" and "triumph" is just a little umph! Good luck! R 200.00
27-04-2016 Marilyn Naylor Run bloody well Carel from M&G Naylor R 500.00
28-04-2016 Karen All the best with the run and do this for those fighting cancer now. R 200.00
28-04-2016 Bronwyn Freeman You are an absolute Legend!!! R 500.00
28-04-2016 Giorgio Cavalieri R 1000.00
28-04-2016 Susan Ford GO 4 US R 200.00
28-04-2016 Wooze good luck xx R 200.00
28-04-2016 Michelle Constant You rock mister! R 100.00
28-04-2016 Oke That Hates Cancer Adele & Mike & Ray & everyone else! Klap it! R 200.00
29-04-2016 Josie, Simon & Grace Dougall R 200.00
29-04-2016 Margaret Nienaber R 500.00
30-04-2016 Diane Hatz Carel - Skip across the finish line for me!!! xx R 500.00
30-04-2016 Sharon Jansen Happy birthday Carel. May the wind be always at your back! R 250.00
01-05-2016 Noelene Kotschan On 29tb May you will feel the burn in your legs. You will fight the urge to want to quit. You will give it your all and your everything. You will put in 110% effort and NO ONE will stop YOU! R 450.00
01-05-2016 Dave Schroenn R 100.00
01-05-2016 Quintin Kok R 100.00
02-05-2016 Tim Nuttall And Margie Shaw Making a World of Difference R 500.00
02-05-2016 Derek Kilpin Go The Nolt! R 100.00
03-05-2016 Pat Hunter Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. R 200.00
03-05-2016 Lorna & Andrew R 500.00
03-05-2016 Pieter And Lizelle Van Der Merwe You can do it Mr C! R 500.00
04-05-2016 Ivanka & Sergio many a small step, make a huge difference R 250.00
04-05-2016 Al And Ruth Well Done on this Initiative and Keep Inspiring Excellence R 500.00
05-05-2016 Cf Furstenburg Gaan groot, jy is 'n inspirasie R 250.00
06-05-2016 Antoinette Shand Hit it billy! R 100.00
06-05-2016 Maryanne Best wishes for a great run Carel R 100.00
07-05-2016 Jono Bruton You are an inspiration to people who thought they cannot be inspired. R 200.00
07-05-2016 Grant And Sue Andrews run well xxxx R 500.00
09-05-2016 Wimpie En Global Choices Good luck! R 6000.00
09-05-2016 Bronwyn Direct payment to the Pink Drive R 9000.00
09-05-2016 Cib Group Funds received from CIB. Paid directly to Pink Drive R 5000.00
09-05-2016 Anomynous Hou bene hou R 1100.00
09-05-2016 David Potter Go boy go! R 150.00
10-05-2016 Anomynous Omdat jy goud in jou hart het. R 100.00
10-05-2016 John & Kirsty All of the best!! R 500.00
10-05-2016 Anomynous FO Carel FU Cancer R 400.00
10-05-2016 Melanie Harris You are just absolutely amazing. Good Luck Carel xx R 100.00
11-05-2016 John Marston Carel you inspire me to be a better person - thank you. R 5000.00
11-05-2016 Purple Group Received from the PURPLE GROUPpaid directly to Pink Drive R 10000.00
11-05-2016 Kate Bristow Well done my wonderful friend! Love and miss you so much xx R 500.00
14-05-2016 Julie And George Iddon Hi Carel We send hugs and miss you!!! R 300.00
14-05-2016 Remo &tshiamo We are all inspired by your work.locally relevant but global in your approach R 1000.00
15-05-2016 Michael Thorpe Kick butt my friend! R 500.00
15-05-2016 Noelene The challenge is on! Let's get Carel to R100k. R 105.00
15-05-2016 Renee Goedhals R 500.00
15-05-2016 Gretchen Best wishes R 200.00
16-05-2016 Leila Good luck Carel R 100.00
16-05-2016 King Price Insurance Good Luck Carel. R 25000.00
16-05-2016 Charles Greig Jewellers R 1000.00
16-05-2016 Justin Great effort as always. Expecting under 11hours this time around. R 1000.00
17-05-2016 Blake Dyason Carel, you have inspired many and in many different ways, thanks for mentoring me, thanks for the friendship, thanks for supporting all my journeys and most of all thanks for sharing your journey and letting us be part of it, you are changing the world ar R 500.00
17-05-2016 Anomynous Well done Dutchman! R 200.00
18-05-2016 Gavin & Lisa Lill Good luck Carel. Will be looking out for you on TV! R 200.00
19-05-2016 James Good luck Carel, be kind to your knees and give them a rest after this! James, Marc & Craig R 1200.00
19-05-2016 Pa En Vriende Alles van die beste R 7250.00
19-05-2016 Byron Moreton Good luck, Carel! See you on the road!! R 200.00
20-05-2016 Christelle Colman You are my inspiration in so many things in life. That I think you are crazy to run this far to help people in need just another affirmation of the kind of person you are! R 5000.00
20-05-2016 Brigette Carel, all the very best. may the wind be behind you all the way R 100.00
20-05-2016 Rick Alan Winning every step of the way! Supporting you every step of the way! R 90.00
20-05-2016 Tim Timmerman Great effort Carel. My support for you is also in memory of my Mom who died in December 2015. Heather Timmerman was a CANSA and Reach for Recovery volunteer that did amazing work in the Southern Cape. Thank you for your support of those angels Carel. R 250.00
21-05-2016 Michele Sparkes You are an inspiration and absolutely fabulous R 1000.00
21-05-2016 Gerald Diepeveen All the BEST for next week ! R 150.00
23-05-2016 Gary Elmes Inspirational as always Carel!! R 1000.00
23-05-2016 Niki Dun With love and admiration. xo R 200.00
23-05-2016 Yvette Mommsen R 100.00
24-05-2016 Edmond Mahlong Good luck and see you at the finish line! R 50.00
24-05-2016 Penny All the best Carel!!! R 100.00
25-05-2016 Darren Langbein FU CANCER FOREVER! R 1000.00
25-05-2016 Gary And Khumo Morolo R 2000.00
25-05-2016 Rob Hallier Good luck and make ths the last! R 200.00
25-05-2016 Colin & Sabrina Just another day, Carel. You're a champ !! R 1000.00
25-05-2016 Pam Mc Iver Wish you well Carel. x R 200.00
25-05-2016 Stewart Barret Well done on all your efforts so far and good luck for Sunday. You've shown IT CAN BE DONE. Go #FUCancer R 1000.00
25-05-2016 Justin Naylor Don't fuc up! Lots of love Just and Truds! R 200.00
26-05-2016 St Stithians Junior Prep & Osa The Junior Prep are behind you all the way best wishes. Students, Parents, Staff of St Stithians Junior Prep and the Old Stithian Association R 15000.00
26-05-2016 Anomynous Well done! R 355.00
26-05-2016 Carlos Fernandes Legendary stuff as always! Best of luck bud! And agreed, Fukc Cancer! R 500.00
26-05-2016 Kara Defrias Great work! As a 3-time survivor I appreciate this and you so much. #fuckcancer R 300.00
26-05-2016 Colin Ford R160k!!! R 355.00
26-05-2016 Lebusa Good luck! R 200.00
26-05-2016 Joshua Nuttall Another awesome acheivement champ! Wishing you strong legs, weak cramps and a power mental state! R 100.00
26-05-2016 Craig Meltzer Go Carel! R 500.00
27-05-2016 Guy Scott Good luck with the run - the Scotts:) R 1000.00
28-05-2016 Heather Frankiskos R 500.00
28-05-2016 Geoff And Lynne Cannings Well done Carel - Have a good run. Lots of love Geoff and Lynne Cannings from Australia R 250.00
29-05-2016 Mark And Elmarie R 500.00
29-05-2016 Matt Marais Can u feel your legs?!? R 1000.00
31-05-2016 Wendy Braun Congratulations, an amazing effort! R 1000.00
01-06-2016 Carolynne Waterhouse Mum - HUGE healing thoughts for you from all of us R 3795.00
01-06-2016 Frank Ponnen R 500.00
02-06-2016 Hette-Lize Marshall Good job, Carel!!! R 100.00

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