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Club Run & Walk For life
First Name Fergus
Last Name Snow
Race 4 Charity Pink Drive
Target Amount 15000.00
What's your story I have run two Comrades Marathons and aim for a third, this time inspired to do more due to my family. A few members of the family have had, or have cancer. I started growing my hair from Comrades'15 and would like to donate it for a wig after Comrades'16

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Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
03-09-2015 Alex Hainsworth & Everett Koopman R 300.00
04-09-2015 Kevin Immelman You go, Fergus! For the memory of Lyn and Eric Immelman R 500.00
11-01-2016 Hayleigh And Philip Stanistreet Great cause- all the best! R 500.00
12-01-2016 Roda Breet Good Luck Fergus! Vos and Roda Breet R 500.00
10-02-2016 Heidi & Tika Please make sure you get eye holes in that suit it worries me. Ha ha ha R 5000.00
13-02-2016 Steve And Lisa R 200.00
17-02-2016 Cary & Mark Davies Good Luck Fergus! Behind you all the way! R 500.00
09-03-2016 Robin & Celia Wishing you a fantastic run for a very good cause. Well done and good luck. R 1500.00
01-04-2016 Maggie's Coffee Shop Best of luck Fergie!!! We at Maggie's will be rooting for a successful campaign!! R 500.00
13-04-2016 Glen Ormond Good luck Fergus and thank you for your initiative. R 500.00
19-05-2016 Saged Go Ferg! R 600.00
23-05-2016 Annika Kemp In Memory of Carla Brand R 100.00
24-05-2016 Lynne And Ian Have a good run Ferg!!! R 400.00
24-05-2016 Family Jerman You're an inspiration Fergus. I know you will make the target. Both on the day and the funds raised. R 500.00
25-05-2016 Duncan & Debbie Macleod Good on you Ferg!! Have a great run. R 2000.00
27-05-2016 Trevor Brown Have a good run Fergie R 1000.00
28-05-2016 Karie, Dean&nikki, Rosie&rex, Go Ferg! R 700.00

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