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Club ATC Running Club
First Name John
Last Name Cleophas
Race 4 Charity Pink Drive
Target Amount 5000.00
What's your story To many people I know are affected by cancer. directly or indirectly. My mother passed away in October 2016 from breast cancer. I hope I can make a difference. however small. to raise some money and awareness for this cause.

Donate Now Total Raised


R 5800.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
17-11-2016 Ash small man with a big heart! all the best! R 100.00
17-11-2016 Tasmyn Awehhhhhh. You got this my friend R 100.00
21-11-2016 Sidhartt All the best, John!! R 500.00
15-03-2017 Rustum Mazema Worthy cause Mr Cleophas. Admire your effort and good luck with the race! R 500.00
16-03-2017 Liall Figured you'd already get enough exercise running from responsibility but apparently not. Good luck :) R 500.00
16-03-2017 Louise Good luck, John! Please don't die. R 200.00
17-03-2017 John Pratt Great initiative...well done JHohn and good luck with the run! R 500.00
25-03-2017 Captain Kirk All the best Coach! R 100.00
27-03-2017 Jonathan Good luck Muppet! (/._.)/ R 200.00
27-03-2017 Warren Simpson \_(ツ)_/ Good luck buddy R 500.00
27-03-2017 Kate Golding R 200.00
27-03-2017 Jan Korrelkop Name is Jan, from a plaas in Paarl. Goodluck running daar . Ek sal my koffee drink en trektor ry. R 150.00
27-03-2017 David Curle Good luck John - This race should be a good warm up. R 500.00
27-03-2017 Heloise Great cause! Good luck with the race R 300.00
27-03-2017 Lee Burrows Good Luck John - great cause R 500.00
27-03-2017 Anomynous All the best! R 500.00
13-04-2017 Annalize Louw R 100.00
26-04-2017 Jayfred Well done with your training and on raising funds for a charitable cause that so close to your heart. Go SLAY at Comrades 2017 :) R 350.00

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