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Club Stella Athletic Club
First Name Pat
Last Name Freeman
Race 4 Charity CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Target Amount 30000.00
What's your story The support given by CHOC to the families & little victims of this dreadful disease is phenomenal. My target amount CAN make a difference. Every bit helps! Thank you for your kind contribution

Donate Now Total Raised


R 63050.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
05-09-2017 Pat Freeman R 350.00
04-10-2017 Sue Graham Good Luck Cow Patti! Perhaps next year I can join the herd in some small way. Love what you are doing, XX R 350.00
10-10-2017 Jan Hardy To a wonderful cause. Good luck Pat! R 350.00
30-10-2017 Choc Cow Suit Run Amanzimtoti 21km collection R 230.00
31-10-2017 Dianne Stewart Good luck, Pat! R 2500.00
03-11-2017 Cecily A cause close to my heart! Will be in the road as usual Comrades next year! Pls start training now x R 500.00
07-11-2017 Debbie Huntley R 1000.00
13-11-2017 Grant Good luck enjoy the race R 500.00
15-11-2017 Kelly Horn GO!! MOO!! GO!! R 200.00
18-11-2017 Brenda Bezuidenhout Best wishes! R 250.00
20-11-2017 Susan Mattushek Best of legs! R 250.00
21-11-2017 Val Good luck! R 500.00
06-12-2017 Duncan & Irene Keep up the good work!!! R 200.00
13-12-2017 Stella Athletic Club Stella Athletics - sale of wrist bands R 240.00
14-12-2017 Bronwyn Freeman Good luck Cow Patti!!! Love the work you do for CHOC R 200.00
14-12-2017 Anonymous Direct payment to CHOC R 1000.00
14-12-2017 Dianne Brabben R 200.00
15-12-2017 Hollie And Helen Clarkson Cow Pat .. Pat .. Pattie, surely not "Cow Pats"? You're in for a long haul, 29th time to Harrison Flats! You can .. CAN .. canter, Despite all the ban .. ban .. banter, We know you'll run, run .. run, 4x4: 4 Comrades, 4 CHOC-a-block, 4 funds and 4 fu R 1029.00
20-12-2017 Sally good luck R 250.00
21-12-2017 Doug Go mom. R 100.00
02-01-2018 Groom Family Go for it Pat , Stella has your back ! R 500.00
09-01-2018 Maryanne Good Luck Pat. Seems like just the other day you were celebrating your 10th comrades. You?re amazing! R 300.00
15-01-2018 Margie Well done for your dedication and support of this very worthy cause. Go Pat ! R 500.00
08-02-2018 Agie Govender Go Girl! Agie Govender CHOC KZN Regional Manager R 100.00
17-02-2018 Melody & Veronica (choc Volunteers) R 101.00
19-02-2018 Marianne Bailey R 1000.00
06-03-2018 Keith Hockly Good luck Pat !! R 500.00
09-03-2018 Candy Brunsdon So admire your big heart, Pat! Have a great run! R 500.00
15-03-2018 Three Peaks R 500.00
16-03-2018 Karen Landsman well done pat for doing such a fine job raising money for a good cause. R 200.00
23-03-2018 Cathy And Dave Wishing you a great run Pat. We really admire all the charity and volunteer work you do. R 400.00
26-03-2018 Stella Athletic Club Sale of CHOC bracelets R 600.00
31-03-2018 Rod.g Go well my china ... alles wat mooi is vir jou! R 500.00
07-04-2018 Funnel Cars Direct Payment to CHOC R 100.00
13-04-2018 Gary & Liz Elliott Good luck, Pat - amazing charity work you are doing too. R 500.00
22-04-2018 Cowpattie/perfect Direct Payment to CHOC (18.04.2018) R 500.00
25-04-2018 Tim Jones Go Pat! Great to see how quickly you recovered after your operation and got back on track! R 200.00
30-04-2018 Pat Freeman Direct Payment to CHOC (21.11.2017) R 500.00
11-05-2018 Good luck. Well done on your effort R 500.00
14-05-2018 Kate And Jens Reuning I admire your work Pat and what a wonderful charity. Good luck! R 350.00
14-05-2018 Heidi Carter-Brown Good luck with the big day and thank you so much for helping Greg - ur a very special human xxx R 500.00
18-05-2018 Mark Challenge to all Stella Members. Donate whatever you can to help Pat reach her target. Go Pat!! Go Stella!! R 500.00
18-05-2018 Anomynous Good luck Pat! Thank you for your kind heart xx R 100.00
19-05-2018 Dot O'leary Good luck Cow Pattie! R 200.00
19-05-2018 Mbongeni Makhaya And The Qmi Team Run & Enjoy the day - we are proud of you! R 650.00
19-05-2018 Dean Wright Thank you from PAT FREEMAN to BELOVED LONG RUNNERS!! R 810.00
22-05-2018 Checkout Falcons Athletic Club IN LIEU OF PRIZE MONEY - CHECKOUT FALCONS ATHLETIC CLUB - 3RD R 100.00
23-05-2018 Furniture Vibe Direct Payment to CHOC (09.05.2018) R 1000.00
23-05-2018 Club Cappuccino Direct Payment to CHOC (09.05.2018) R 3600.00
23-05-2018 Shantelle Direct Payment to CHOC (14.05.2018) R 200.00
23-05-2018 Jess W Direct Payment to CHOC (15.05.2018) R 250.00
28-05-2018 Cathy Munro As you told me years ago, the secret is just don't stop. Go well, Pat xx R 350.00
29-05-2018 John Rollason All the very best for your 29th, Pat. I will be cheering you on from the rehab sidelines! R 500.00
31-05-2018 Pat Freeman Direct Payment to CHOC (28.05.2018) R 1000.00
31-05-2018 Louise Hucklesby R 500.00
04-06-2018 Belinda Wishing you a super run, all the best Pat and thanks for doing this for such a worthy cause. R 200.00
06-06-2018 Pat Freeman Sale of wrist bands at Stella Athletics R 590.00
06-06-2018 Duggan Family On behalf of The Allan Duggan 188 Foundation and the Duggan Family all the best for the race Pat. What a fantastic cause, well done. R 2000.00
08-06-2018 Gregson & Marco All the best Pat. Thank you for your assistance today with our race numbers. From Marco & Gregson. Will be watching out for you, especially next year for that triple green number R 100.00
10-06-2018 Anomynous Superb effort! R 200.00
12-06-2018 Belinda Macritchie For the little children! R 200.00
12-06-2018 Pat Freeman Sale of CHOC bracelets R 660.00
13-06-2018 Cecil Best Wishes from Cecil R 540.00
15-06-2018 Chabad In Umhlanga Pat we pledged R770 before Comrades. We applaud you and the work you do for CHOC. Your talk at our dinner was fantastic. Thanks for joining us. You make an incredible difference. Well done for the run too!! R 770.00
18-06-2018 Sindy Well done Pat on raising so much moola for The Cows. I hope your run was good. R 200.00
18-06-2018 Fnb Direct Payment to CHOC R 14315.00
21-06-2018 Pat Freeman Direct Payment to CHOC (01.06.02018) R 14315.00
23-06-2018 Roger Bailey A great effort, Pat! R 150.00

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