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First Name Jenna
Last Name Faulds
Choice of Charity Fulton School for the Deaf
What's your story Never Ever Give Up

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R 6100.00

Date Donated by Message Amount
28-11-2018 Michele Hey girls, you guys are awesome and I wish I was doing this one with you. Hope its a cracker. R 200.00
29-11-2018 Jenna Faulds Hi All, Thanks so much for your support with this run, couldn't have done it without you. R 5000.00
01-12-2018 Lauren Stainbank You have the biggest heart my friend R 200.00
01-12-2018 Anomynous R 50.00
01-12-2018 Byron R 500.00
01-12-2018 Anomynous R 150.00

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