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First Name Kirsty
Last Name Campbell
Choice of Charity Rotary Projects
What's your story Please support us as we run to raise money for charity.

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R 3800.00

Date Donated by Message Amount
23-10-2018 Robert Campbell Go Girl go... R 1000.00
24-10-2018 Cross Border Clearing And Forwarding You go girl fantastic cause R 200.00
02-11-2018 Cynthia Tiddy Good luck and have a great run! R 100.00
26-11-2018 Frank & Ricki Go Kirsty Go !!! Enjoy the day. R 500.00
27-11-2018 Jacquelyn Benjamin My dear friend, I know you are hesitant about running this race but I believe in you and I know you can do it! Go Campbell Cutey GO!! :) R 50.00
28-11-2018 Stewballs Good Luck SMA. Your husband owes you a foot massage for taking one for the team! R 200.00
28-11-2018 Cathy Good luck SIL xxx R 200.00
30-11-2018 Ian & Lorraine Theunissen Good luck Kirst xxx R 200.00
30-11-2018 Bean Bag So proud of you for doing this! Well done! R 200.00
30-11-2018 Hayley Murphy Go my cousin sending you big loves and hugs R 100.00
01-12-2018 Annette Pearse Have a good run Darling x R 250.00
01-12-2018 Marissa Van Der Westhuizen You've got this! R 100.00
01-12-2018 Anomynous R 200.00
01-12-2018 Cliffy You are a Darling R 500.00

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