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Club Stella Athletic Club
First Name Pat
Last Name Freeman
Race 4 Charity CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Target Amount 30000.00
What's your story I am a CHOC volunteer at Albert Luthuli Hospital Childrens Oncology ward. and I see the NEED these little children have. to have a parent be with them at this difficult and frightening time of their lives. Please support this cause to make this happen

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R 35070.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
13-11-2018 Cows Choc Cow Tin collection R 475.00
25-11-2018 Happy Socks Sales! Doing it for the little people! R 1840.00
13-12-2018 Stella Choc Trail Run - Dec 2018 Trail runners generously donated to CHOC for a sneak Peak at the Durban Botanic Gardens "TRAIL OF LIGHTS" before it opened to the public R 5015.00
08-03-2019 Happy Socks Sales 2 Thanks to Stella Athletic Runners purchasing socks! R 1030.00
25-03-2019 Aldine you go girl!! R 500.00
25-03-2019 Jess What a legend! R 500.00
26-03-2019 Julie Wilson Well done Pat on committing to something so worthwhile. You are an inspiration. R 100.00
26-03-2019 Brian Middleton Well done Pat - great fundraising effort. R 100.00
26-03-2019 Anonymous R 50.00
28-03-2019 Cecily Fraser So glad you're hanging up your Comrades shoes..from your ever-loving supporter of 30 (we hope) comrades! R 500.00
01-04-2019 Roy pat thanks for the 21 oceans entry , good luck on your 30th comrades , much appreciated R 500.00
06-04-2019 Sally good luck Pat, thanks for what you do for the kiddos R 200.00
22-04-2019 Jo Douwes What an amazing initiative! R 500.00
22-04-2019 Cecil & Kathy Sher Well done; CHOC is an amazing initiative R 500.00
28-04-2019 Margie D Well done on your 30th Comrades Pat and for your support for CHOC ! Best of luck. R 500.00
05-05-2019 Dianne Stewart Good luck, Pat! 30 is just insane! Make it so! xxx R 5000.00
08-05-2019 Kathy Lemay R 500.00
09-05-2019 Phoebe Van Essche 30 is Amazing!! Congratulations!! So much Love x R 100.00
15-05-2019 Cow Pattie CHOC Tin 1 Collection R 410.00
16-05-2019 Van Essche Fanny R 100.00
16-05-2019 Amélie Van Essche Go Pat! So proud of you ! R 200.00
16-05-2019 Swiss Fan Club To support the crazy family" (from a non-runner...) R 800.00
17-05-2019 Duncan&irene Good luck and what an achievement to be running your 30th!!! R 250.00
17-05-2019 Keith Hockly Good luck Pat ! R 500.00
22-05-2019 Margie Foord Your generosity and dedication towards a much needed cause speaks volumes. R 500.00
23-05-2019 Cathy And Dave Wishing you all the best for no. 30. Thank you for all your time that you have given to the Choc children and their families. Xxxx R 500.00
24-05-2019 Melissa Aarsen R 200.00
24-05-2019 Shantelle Pat, such a legend, both on the road and as a friend! Have a blast on your 30th Comrades! R 500.00
26-05-2019 Patsy Demmers All the best to you Pat for your amazing 30th run and in awe of how much you do to help the lives of those in need R 200.00
26-05-2019 Sue And Straff Good Luck Patti!! Straff and Sue R 500.00
27-05-2019 Bruce Williams Well done my friend R 500.00
27-05-2019 Gina Well done Pat on your fantastic support for Choc and wishing you everything of the best for the big number 30. Lots of love The Hinchies R 500.00
28-05-2019 Dot O Leary Wonderful job done by Choc R 200.00
03-06-2019 Orient Islam School Direct donation to CHOC R 3000.00
03-06-2019 Stella Sale of Choc caps & peaks & socks! R 1255.00
04-06-2019 Deslynn & Rudi 30 is awesome Pat! Much love & thoughts for your last Comrades. xx R 400.00
05-06-2019 Shelley Kreinacke Congrats! And all the best for your 30th Run! R 3845.00
05-06-2019 Mj Beds (pty) Ltd Best of luck with your run Pat!! R 200.00
06-06-2019 Furniture Vibe The VIBE team wishes you all the best with your run. GOOD LUCK PAT!! R 1000.00
06-06-2019 Gary & Liz Elliott & Boys Good luck Pat for your 30th - amazing! Thanks for all you do for CHOC - a great cause xxx R 500.00
06-06-2019 Anonymous Congratulations, Pat, on a fantastic Comrades running career and a BIG thank you for everything you do for CHOC. All the best for Comrades 2019 and I trust that it is truly memorable. R 500.00
08-06-2019 Cathy Munro 💕 R 200.00
15-06-2019 Dave Jones Ultimate Bedding supports CHOC R 400.00

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