Profile data
Club Queensburgh Harriers Athletic Club
First Name Dean
Last Name Wight
Race 4 Charity Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust
Target Amount 350000.00
What's your story Hello Hello . its better to give then receive .I'm using my passion for all things running to support the Children of the valley . .doingitforthekids .whosdeanwight

Donate Now Total Raised


R 352060.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
06-11-2018 Anonymous ILMOSH R 1000.00
30-11-2018 Blr Run Women's Day Run Donations R 2448.00
30-11-2018 Blr Run On 22nd Sept 2018 R 5560.00
30-11-2018 Peaks Ttc. R 1330.00
30-11-2018 3c Technology R 2000.00
30-11-2018 Blr Run 10th Nov 2018 R 4005.00
30-11-2018 Anonymous R 1500.00
09-01-2019 Jubane Petroleum (pty) Ltd Direct Donation to HACT. R 200000.00
16-01-2019 Pdac Blr Run Direct Donation to HACT - 12.01.2019 R 450.00
16-01-2019 Collegians Harriers Talk Direct Donation to HACT - 15.01.2019 R 370.00
18-01-2019 Peak Etc Sales Direct Donation to HACT - 18.01.2019 R 400.00
06-02-2019 Blr Runs Direct Donation to HACT - 26th Jan & 2nd Feb 2019. R 3531.50
08-02-2019 Shawn Meyer Getfit Ac Give it horns. R 100.00
08-02-2019 Mandy Meyer Go for it. R 50.00
08-02-2019 Jules Mitchell R 100.00
05-03-2019 Blr 2019 Comrades Training Talk Event Direct Donation to HACT R 4055.00
05-03-2019 Anonymous Inspired by all you are doing, keep it up! R 10000.00
05-03-2019 Anonymous BLR Donations R 424.50
10-03-2019 Tblro BLR donations from Savages?s 9 March 2019 R 326.00
12-03-2019 Gary Phillips R 500.00
18-03-2019 Peaks Etc Direct donation to HACT R 500.00
05-04-2019 Janet Meyer Thanks for everything you do for us Deano!! You are an inspiration. Good Luck - Juicy Janet :). R 200.00
09-04-2019 Blr Donations & Cin3 Days Direct payment to HACT R 11100.00
10-04-2019 Jen Stephens Thank you for making long runs beloved for us all R 200.00
10-04-2019 Candice Kilpatrick Dean The Machine - Thank you for all you do for us at BLR and for taking me under your wing with all your support, motivation and guidance! You are beyond special! R 200.00
10-04-2019 Heather Thank you for showing the heart of God wherever you go R 200.00
10-04-2019 Tosha Burton R 100.00
11-04-2019 Ursula Herbert Thanks Dean for being such an inspiration R 100.00
11-04-2019 Deon Pieterse I owe you a cream soda. But I'll donate this instead, seeing as you're looking for 1000 people to do this. Actually, I'll still give you a cream soda :) R 100.00
13-04-2019 Tblro BLR donations R 500.00
13-04-2019 Arlindo Miranda Awesome stuff Dean R 200.00
15-04-2019 Cindy Thank you for all you do for the running community Dean! You are an inspiration :) x R 100.00
18-04-2019 Sarah R 750.00
24-04-2019 Anonymous R 280.00
24-04-2019 Tblro BLR - Donations R 500.00
24-04-2019 Anonymous This is my refund from Deloitte Marathon. Thank Dean for all you do for the running community R 280.00
26-04-2019 Paula Dovey Fatigue is a conservative emotion.... R 200.00
26-04-2019 V R Sports Donations from 2019 BLR shirts R 6880.00
03-05-2019 Robyn Greyling Good Luck Dean you are Amazing R 200.00
17-05-2019 Colin And Barbara Mercer All the best Dean. Will look out for you on the Day x Colin and Barbara R 200.00
17-05-2019 Carla Your contribution to running and community is amazing!! R 500.00
17-05-2019 Alistair Green Thanks for all that you do for the running community. R 100.00
17-05-2019 Kate Robinson We love you Dean! R 200.00
17-05-2019 Dean Wight Donations for 2019 Route Tester R 5683.20
17-05-2019 Jacques Vieira Keep it up mate R 100.00
20-05-2019 My Finance Partner Direct donation to HACT R 7475.00
20-05-2019 Peaks Etc Direct donation to HACT R 680.00
22-05-2019 The Beloved Long Run Organizer ROUTE TESTER DONATIONS R 10001.80
22-05-2019 Mike Harrison Really appreciate everything you do for us Dean. R 1000.00
23-05-2019 Getfit Athletic Club Wishing you all the very best for your race this year, Dean ?. with grateful thanks from your running mates at GETFIT AC R 500.00
25-05-2019 Belinda De Broize Thank you Deano for early mornings and tired legs😊 R 200.00
25-05-2019 Kate Carpenter Dean we are grateful for all you do . R 200.00
25-05-2019 Alison Counihan Dean Bean .... so proud of you - you are an inspiration xxx R 100.00
25-05-2019 Tanya All the best R 200.00
27-05-2019 Stacey Dewe R 300.00
27-05-2019 Leanne Dorrington Direct donation to HACT R 100.00
28-05-2019 Ansu Human Direct donation to HACT R 500.00
28-05-2019 Marlene A big thanks to you and your lovely wife for all you do . R 100.00
28-05-2019 Blr - Runners Donations R 520.00
31-05-2019 Shane Le Breton R 200.00
31-05-2019 Jenna Blamey Good luck!! X Jenna R 200.00
31-05-2019 Kirsty Dean you are such an inspiration! Thank you for all that you do for running! R 200.00
01-06-2019 Tblro Donations R 1000.00
03-06-2019 The Young Harland?s Go Dean Bean! All the best, from the young Harland?s R 500.00
04-06-2019 Anonymous Good luck Dean! R 4000.00
05-06-2019 Anonymous You go are a legend!! R 500.00
06-06-2019 Sam Squire You? a legend Dean! R 200.00
06-06-2019 Lauren Calenborne Thank you for all you do for running, Dean. R 200.00
06-06-2019 Michael Hobbs Good luck dean R 200.00
07-06-2019 Wayne Gifford All the best for comrades. You are a star. Love Wayne and Ali xx R 500.00
07-06-2019 Lovely ZoŽ You?re my biggest inspiration. Thank you for all you have done for me. Can?t wait to cross the Comrades Finish line, and it?s all thanks to you. R 200.00
07-06-2019 Melanie Horwood All the best for Sunday Dean! Thank you for all you do! Sorry its not more. Mel R 200.00
07-06-2019 Kate Tyson R 100.00
08-06-2019 Kurt Nilsen See you at top of Cowies R 100.00
08-06-2019 Craig Hampson R 100.00
09-06-2019 Peter & Lynette You're awesome Dean. R 500.00
09-06-2019 Shane Pearson All the very best Dean! R 200.00
10-06-2019 Brian Grobbelaar Keep up the Great wirk R 500.00
11-06-2019 Ross And Melina Well done uncle Dean R 100.00
14-06-2019 Marlene 🏽 R 200.00
14-06-2019 Anonymous R 500.00
14-06-2019 Maryanne Oliver Thanks Dean for everything you do for us - you are a true inspiration. So looking forward to being back on the road this next year with an exciting journey ahead. R 100.00
14-06-2019 Dave Lowe Well done as always Dean R 200.00
14-06-2019 Carol WELL DONE DEAN! R 200.00
14-06-2019 Carol thanks for all the work you do! R 200.00
14-06-2019 Dj Deano - you are a Legend and a gentleman in this roadrunning sport of ours. Thanks so much for all you do for us. #passion R 200.00
14-06-2019 Lihle Hlophe Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you" You are a living legend! Keep doing what you are doing! R 100.00
14-06-2019 Lynne Askew In memory of Wade R 100.00
15-06-2019 Lil Parker You and Des our fearless leader are the BEST R 100.00
15-06-2019 The Running , Cycling And Walking Community Of Kzn In loving memory of Jarred Higgins a fellow runner taken away so young . RIP JARRED R 1510.00
15-06-2019 Liza Clifford For what you do and for what you will do Legend R 1000.00
18-06-2019 Lize R 200.00
19-06-2019 Kirsten Oelofse Well done Dean, you are truly an amazing person in all you do for charity and the running community. R 500.00
19-06-2019 Debbie Eglington Dean you biscuit , keep doing what you are doing for the KZN running community R 200.00
19-06-2019 David & Lindi From Boksburg Direct donation to HACT R 3000.00
19-06-2019 Dylan Direct donation to HACT R 50.00
19-06-2019 Anonymous R 200.00
19-06-2019 Peaks Etc Direct donation to HACT R 200.00
20-06-2019 Anonymous Thank you for everything you do Dean! R 17000.00
20-06-2019 Emma R 200.00
26-06-2019 Corporate Tax Solutions Direct donation to HACT - 23.06.2019 R 7000.00
26-06-2019 My Finance Partner BLR Jackets R 20000.00

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