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Club GETFIT Athletic Club
First Name Krishna
Last Name Pillay
Race 4 Charity CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Target Amount 6000.00
What's your story This year I decided to run for cancer . I need your support and rase funds by 1st May. I need to raise R6000 +. Any amount appreciated .Please forward to friends .

Donate Now Total Raised


R 27000.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
14-04-2019 Shaun Tapson Good luck and I really support your efforts. R 1000.00
20-04-2019 Arusha Desai Wishing you all the best may you see that finish line with ease. R 500.00
24-04-2019 Merci You go Man and we fully support you on this mission and vision. God bless R 100.00
24-04-2019 Alershnee Pillay And Prof Delia North Good luck and all the best on your charity run R 500.00
25-04-2019 Prof Temesgan Zewotir Good Luck Preggie R 200.00
25-04-2019 Raj Pillay All the best Preggie From Raj,Sally,Nesan R 200.00
25-04-2019 Preggie Pillay Direct payment to CHOC R 100.00
25-04-2019 Krishna ( Preggie ) Pillay I support cancer . Therefore i decided to run for charity R 500.00
26-04-2019 Trevor Govender Have a good run . God Bless . R 500.00
26-04-2019 Bish (tata) Good Luck R 500.00
26-04-2019 Prem And Suren Good luck and Go well with the race Preggie R 100.00
26-04-2019 Sagie Moodlier R 200.00
26-04-2019 Deveshan Naidoo All the best for the race dad... R 100.00
29-04-2019 Glenda Matthews R 200.00
29-04-2019 Vasanthie Padayachee Good luck and all the best for a worthy charity. R 100.00
29-04-2019 Jhavaid Hammujuddy GOOD LUCK PREGGIE R 50.00
29-04-2019 Anusia Reddy All the best to my son in law Krishna in the Comrades Marathon R 200.00
29-04-2019 Talin Pillay All the best Pregs R 500.00
29-04-2019 Jay Maharaj all the best boet R 500.00
30-04-2019 Mukuru Good luck Preggie. I support the cause 100% R 100.00
30-04-2019 Revantha Patel All the best and enjoy the run. Rav 4 you R 500.00
30-04-2019 Jayandra Padayachee All the best R 100.00
30-04-2019 Desmond Pillay Good Luck Preggie R 500.00
30-04-2019 Ashokan And Vasantha Pillay Good luck Preggy. Great cause R 500.00
30-04-2019 School Of Maths,stats & Computer Science Good luck Preggie from staff of School of MSCS R 500.00
30-04-2019 Brenda And Manick Vather Good Luck Preggie R 200.00
30-04-2019 Seshni Govender Wonderful Charity to Support, Thank you for spreading awareness! Best of Luck Preggie R 100.00
02-05-2019 Uma Isaacs And Family All the best for your run. R 100.00
06-05-2019 Sunil Poken For Ree! ...God Bless you Bru! You are an inspiration. R 500.00
09-05-2019 Dan Naidoo Thanks for supporting this important cause. Have a great race Bro! R 500.00
11-05-2019 Mano/moncy All the best Preggie R 500.00
11-05-2019 Kevin Pillay All the best and appreciate your efforts in support of CHOC. Regards, Kevin R 500.00
13-05-2019 Alison Moor Good luck, Preggie! R 200.00
16-05-2019 Vanessa Singh Access Programme College Of Aes Good luck Preggie R 200.00
27-05-2019 Sushie And Shan Rampersad Good Luck Preggie and all the best R 100.00
30-05-2019 Meera And Deno All the best, Preggie R 500.00
05-06-2019 Uma Isaacs Wishing you well . Enjoy your run R 250.00
06-06-2019 Vishnu Pather R 500.00
06-06-2019 Dayita Rahim All the best Preggie. Keep the spirit R 500.00
06-06-2019 Yasmin C Bless you for supporting our unique and remarkable angel Revan R 500.00
07-06-2019 Mary-Anne R 200.00
07-06-2019 Uneal Pillay R 500.00
07-06-2019 1 Stop Medical Supplies Great cause to support R 5000.00
07-06-2019 Teegan Govindasamy All the best Preggie, brilliant initiative to run for! R 200.00
07-06-2019 Stuart Great cause. Good luck! R 200.00
07-06-2019 Neshaan Rooplal Good luck bro !!! R 500.00
07-06-2019 Dhevan Pillay Wishing you all the best for comrades . God Bless. R 5000.00
08-06-2019 Sanjay Pillay Good luck Pregs from the Pillay's in Australia. R 1000.00
08-06-2019 Logan Pillay Best wishes for the Comrades and the fundraising drive. R 200.00
08-06-2019 Kugan Have a Good Run Preggie R 200.00
08-06-2019 Sagaren Govender Wishing you the very best for the Comrades. Have a great run. R 200.00
09-06-2019 Saras Good luck Preggie. All the best R 400.00

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