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Club Kearsney Striders
First Name Dave
Last Name Norton
Race 4 Charity Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust
Target Amount 100000.00
What's your story I decided to try something a little different this run. Let's hope this pans out as I want it to :-)

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R 26801.95

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
19-04-2019 Anonymous You deserve it! R 500.00
30-04-2019 The Naked Athlete I Really thought I would do better here R 500.00
11-05-2019 Hein Mynhardt Keep up the good work, both videos and charity support, kudo?s to you. R 200.00
12-05-2019 Sanjay Deva Good luck for Comrades Dave! Hope you have a great run. Have really appreciated your hard work with you running and helping others with your videos and advice. R 200.00
13-05-2019 Neville Hallett I must try your gells receipy, before the loooong run. R 150.00
15-05-2019 Frederick Pilch Good luck and good job R 100.00
15-05-2019 Sylvia Venter Good luck with Comrades! R 200.00
17-05-2019 Alistair Green Thanks for the videos of the route R 100.00
17-05-2019 Ash Vee Thanks for the effort. Good luck R 100.00
25-05-2019 Rafi Kotler Thanks for the videos Dave, and well done on raising money for a great cause! R 350.00
27-05-2019 Peter Thanks for the route videos, been daunting watching the route but looking forward to tackling the race. Good luck with your race! R 100.00
27-05-2019 Frank Reifenberger Thank you for the videos, Dave! R 200.00
29-05-2019 Simonn R 3300.00
01-06-2019 Anonymous R 16401.95
03-06-2019 Jessica Well done on this initiative and all the best for race day. R 500.00
03-06-2019 Dave Elliott Good luck Dave! R 500.00
03-06-2019 Anonymous All the best!! R 200.00
04-06-2019 Karen Good luck Dave!!! R 200.00
04-06-2019 Jarryd Hillhouse Thank you for the very informative videos, Dave. They really did put it in perspective how tough the up run actually is. It?s not much, but I hope this donation bodes well. R 500.00
04-06-2019 Gwilson Brilliant Videos, thank you for sharing your experience. Petrified Novice :) R 200.00
05-06-2019 Mark Fontbin Thanks for your videos and words of advice R 200.00
05-06-2019 Ena Du Plessis Dear Dave, thank you so much for the effort you put into making those amazing videos. My husband (going for his 7th) and I (going for my 3rd) have watched and enjoyed each and every one. You are an inspiration, doing so much to help us runners and that ul R 100.00
07-06-2019 Zayne Thanks for all the hard work editing videos and making them so informative. have a great run R 1000.00
19-06-2019 Kayser Baird Insurance Brokers Direct donation to HACT R 1000.00

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