Profile data
Club Run Zone AC
First Name Rob
Last Name Urquhart
Race 4 Charity CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Target Amount 6000.00
What's your story For the amazing work that CHOC does. and for the bravery of parents of and children with cancer

Donate Now Total Raised


R 24200.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
07-02-2019 Cc#1 And Cc#2 go dad, you're so close! R 500.00
07-02-2019 Sekonyela's We are behind you all the way!!! R 800.00
07-02-2019 Diptesh Good luck Rob!! R 150.00
08-02-2019 Sparks Go Rob go! R 500.00
08-02-2019 Schlain & Ryan Run, old Ballie, run! R 500.00
12-02-2019 B Go Rob! R 350.00
14-02-2019 Bernito Go BUM! R 1000.00
17-02-2019 Harambee Team We will be with you all the way, Rob! R 2500.00
17-02-2019 Peter & Fiona Know your parents so you MUST be a great bloke! R 1000.00
24-02-2019 E. Urquhart Good Luck. R 900.00
26-02-2019 Mihir Purple speedos! FTW! R 200.00
26-02-2019 Lebo Breathe in slowly, gently, deeply & out! R 500.00
26-02-2019 Sam V Go Rob!! R 300.00
27-02-2019 Navid GREAT VICTORY!!!!! R 800.00
27-02-2019 Robyn Thank you for running for CHOC, Rob! You are a legend! R 200.00
27-02-2019 Tammy Chetty Go Robbie Roo Roo! R 500.00
27-02-2019 Eric Johnson @ Rti I am mostly impressed by all the nicknames Rob has. And by your passion and giving spirit R 1000.00
01-03-2019 Craig See you on the road as you moooooove past me at pace. . . R 200.00
04-03-2019 Cindy Chater Good luck Rob! R 100.00
04-03-2019 Jeanette Fourie Good luck Rob R 500.00
04-03-2019 Kasthuri Soni Go Lej! You are amazing. R 2000.00
05-03-2019 Rob Garlick Enjoy the race! R 1000.00
06-03-2019 Lerato You inspire me Rob!!! R 500.00
06-03-2019 Ian And Gayl Good luck Rob - A great cause R 200.00
25-03-2019 Cath All the very best Rob, see you same place as always :-) R 500.00
26-03-2019 Bryony Go Rob .... gotta finish before the watch battery does!! R 500.00
26-03-2019 Anthony Gewer Best of luck! R 500.00
26-03-2019 Sylvester Moepya You Legend! R 500.00
27-03-2019 Sharmi Go Rob! R 300.00
27-03-2019 Victoria All the best, Rob! R 500.00
01-04-2019 Marzanne In the spirit of cow-talk: you better "moooo-ved" Rob! R 500.00
10-05-2019 Chibanda's Your courage inspires us! Good Luck Rob! R 200.00
11-05-2019 Kea Thuma mina in ACTION!! Go Robisto!!! R 200.00
12-05-2019 Carmel Well done for getting back out there - enjoy! R 400.00
18-05-2019 Evan Stay out of Greys and keep tracking! R 1000.00
23-05-2019 Johnny Smith Rob, all the best for the run! Johnny & Sophia R 500.00
04-06-2019 Romy Dijkman Best of luck Rob. You are amazing despite health set backs this year you are still up and at it. What an inspiration R 200.00
04-06-2019 Julia Taylor Good Luck Rob! Your resilience and commitment is amazing! R 200.00
05-06-2019 Richard And Denise Groenewald Good luck Rob, This is a very good effort. Richard and Denise R 500.00
07-06-2019 Siven Maslamoney Go Roberto! R 1000.00
10-06-2019 Bone Family Well done Rob, awesome effort!!! R 500.00

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