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First Name Christian
Last Name Rausch
Race 4 Charity Hospice Palliative Care Association
Target Amount 6000.00
What's your story Running and health are important aspects in my life. An integral part of my work is in close association with the field of palliative care. Therefore, I feel very honored to run my first Comrades Marathon for the Hospice Palliative Care Association.

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R 6000.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
19-11-2018 Anonymous Go Go Go!!! R 50.00
19-11-2018 Oz Machet Atze!!! R 200.00
19-11-2018 Chw Dreh den Swag auf R 250.00
20-11-2018 Eva Man, what a distance! Good luck! R 200.00
20-11-2018 Clara R 300.00
20-11-2018 Anonymous R 1000.00
20-11-2018 Olaf Geerse Woo!!! R 100.00
28-11-2018 Liz Thank you Christian Enjoy your Comrades race. Here is my support for your fundraising for hospice R 500.00
29-11-2018 Naveed Khan Keep up the inspirational work my brother, wishing you all the best for the challenge! :) R 200.00
06-12-2018 Roger Comish Great article in the Comrades Runners Newsletter - December 2018 - we will run the same road on June 9th - good luck :-) R 200.00
11-12-2018 Alexandra Searle Good luck. Herewith the start of your donation. The more you train the more you earn. Love - Your Wife R 500.00
26-02-2019 Alexandra Searle As promised 10 ZAR per KM. Keep training. R 400.00
28-03-2019 The Family Go Go Go... !!! R 1200.00
30-03-2019 Matthias Digga alles gute Kuss maddis R 200.00
30-03-2019 Anonymous Goooo paranymph R 200.00
30-03-2019 Xaver-Ulrich Kahle R 200.00
30-03-2019 Anonymous R 100.00
26-04-2019 Alexandra R 200.00

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