Profile data
Club Alberton Amateur Athletic Club
First Name Ian
Last Name Kingon
Race 4 Charity World Vision South Africa
Target Amount 20000.00
What's your story I'm looking for 1,000 people to donate R20 in celebration of my 20th consecutive Comrades Marathon - one of the last of the Year 2000 novices!! .... and I almost have 40 consecutive years supporting World Vision - we need to look after our kids!! So.... p

Donate Now Total Raised


R 2060.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
19-10-2018 Ian Kingon Let's get this started!! R 200.00
10-11-2018 Jean Kingon I'll be there! R 200.00
10-11-2018 Sue Hanking-Evans Would like to be there!! R 500.00
16-11-2018 Anomynous R 20.00
16-11-2018 Tarryn De Beer R 50.00
16-11-2018 Anomynous R 20.00
16-11-2018 Mador Wat Wonderful to support World Vision and so give some real meaning to what is a pretty stupid thing running 90km! R 60.00
20-11-2018 Melissa Kingon R 100.00
26-11-2018 Anomynous R 20.00
26-11-2018 Anomynous Well done Grandpa! R 20.00
28-11-2018 Charles Kingon Here we go. R 250.00
02-12-2018 Anomynous R 20.00
03-12-2018 Sanette/jose Da Silva GOOD LUCK BUDDY. WE WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY R 500.00
04-12-2018 Anomynous R 20.00
10-12-2018 Gee Douglas What a brilliant idea! Here's a donation for each family member, hope it helps getting this to 1,000 donations! First family member.... R 20.00
10-12-2018 Gee Douglas Second family member... R 20.00
10-12-2018 Gee Douglas Third family member R 20.00
11-12-2018 Gee Douglas Fourth family member R 20.00

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