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Club Morningside Country Club Road Runners MCCRR
First Name Tracy
Last Name Bamber
Race 4 Charity Wildlands Conservation Trust
Target Amount 0.00
What's your story I hope to run and finish my 13th consecutive Comrades. It has been great to raise money for Communities and Conservation since the beginning. Privileged to run the Ultimate Human Race. Together We Triumph.

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Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
28-01-2019 Anonymous To a great and injury free running year. Best wishes Sam R 1000.00
28-01-2019 Hilton Run Shappie, Run!! R 500.00
28-01-2019 Lianne You are such an inspiration Trace - here's to a great run and we are looking forward to seeing you in march at your home away from home! Li xx R 500.00
28-01-2019 Nicky Fitzgerald May your 2019 run be a good one ... I will be shouting at the TV xx R 1000.00
28-01-2019 Travel Sommelier All the best for your run! R 3000.00
29-01-2019 Jonathan Bamber To my special wife have an awesome day on the road you are an inspiration to many good luck love you R 500.00
29-01-2019 Hawkins International Pr Team R 100.00
30-01-2019 Michael Lutzeyer All the best Tracy! R 1000.00
31-01-2019 Kate And Nigel Crofton Hi Tracy/Shappie, best of luck. Hope the training goes well and you stay injury free. R 900.00
05-02-2019 Schaffelhuber Wishing you a great and wonderful run. Being very proud of you and adore your enthusiams and discipline. We are with you ( in our minds:-)! R 3000.00
05-02-2019 Jennifer Hawkins On behalf of Hawkins International Public Relations R 1200.00
13-02-2019 Grifco Ltd All the best with this Tracy from the team at Grifco. R 1000.00
17-02-2019 Allie Hunt You continue to INSPIRE ME! R 500.00
18-02-2019 Anonymous You can do it! Well done from all of us back home ;) R 5000.00
19-02-2019 Private Safaris, Claudio Nauli, Switzerland Our crazy lady Tracy are not a daisy! R 10000.00
05-03-2019 Knecht Reisen Ag, Marcel Gehring All the best Tracy and good luck for the race! R 10000.00
17-04-2019 James Currie T - run strong and safe! R 1000.00
25-04-2019 Kelly Evans Trac you are a true inspiration to me. Go kick some butt!!! R 500.00
25-04-2019 Saul And Karin So lucky and grateful to be the one to share this wonderful journey with you! Thank you for the encouragement, motivation, inspiration and most importantly friendship!! R 500.00
27-04-2019 Tracey Wolf R 540.00
29-04-2019 Pierre And Margaret Faber Good luck Tracy, your commitment is inspirational! R 1000.00
30-04-2019 Anke Paterson Bamberooney please eat and put on some weight for this mega marathon !!! I just know that you will take this one in your stride once again ! Will be thinking of you - lots of love Anke R 500.00
23-05-2019 Presh You got this in the bag mama bear! R 500.00
23-05-2019 Kim Beyers Representation Good luck T, you are amazing! R 500.00
24-05-2019 Emm To my amazing super coach T! We are back on the comrades road together! so excited to share the journey with you again xx R 300.00
27-05-2019 Theresa Keil Such an inspiration T !! May this be your Best Comrades yet. Have an awesome race xxx Big hugs T R 500.00
29-05-2019 Jenny Krige All the best Trac! You are an absolute machine!! x R 200.00
31-05-2019 Lesley Kilman It is an honor to have supported you through all these years. You are extraordinary. Here's to a safe and awesome run. R 500.00
03-06-2019 The Team At Zambezi Crescent Good luck Bambi, we will be thinking of you. R 3000.00
03-06-2019 Scud R 500.00
04-06-2019 Lucy Lopez It's thanks to you that I'm on the road/trails today! Have a fantastic run Trac. R 300.00
08-06-2019 Tyrone Bardet Press Thank you for what you do. R 20.00
09-06-2019 Justin Hawes Wishing you well today R 1000.00

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