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Club Strand Atletiekklub
First Name Heather
Last Name Lock
Race 4 Charity CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Target Amount 40000.00
What's your story 2019 will be my 10th consecutive Comrades marathon. This run will be for CHOC and in memory of my brother James and for my friend Jane who is fighting brain cancer at the moment. Making a difference while doing something you love makes it all worth it.

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R 43700.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
07-01-2019 Douglas Clarke Your tenth success approaches rapidly and I hope that we can raise a substantial sum for CHOC which played a meaningful part in the life of our son and your brother. Love Dad and Mum R 5000.00
08-02-2019 Ni R 600.00
10-02-2019 Jane Viljoen You continue to amaze me with your strength and determination. I will be there cheering you on. R 500.00
10-02-2019 Jessica Mum, you always leave me in complete awe of your strength, determination and courage in life. I'm so thankful to have you as a mother, and although I can't be there for it, I'm with you in spirit for every single metre you run. Lots of love always xxx R 400.00
10-02-2019 Richard Newman So proud of you cuz! R 400.00
11-02-2019 Julie Soalheiro So proud of you Heath, You are an inspiration to us all,This year will be super special as we all support you and our special Janey every step of the way, much love xxx R 500.00
11-02-2019 Leigh Grobbelaar All the best for number 10 Heather xx R 200.00
13-02-2019 Hippo Creek Safaris Always proud of you Heather. Your efforts along with your determination are inspiring. The Hippo Creek Safari Team, Dan, Nina, Korin, Marguerite R 3500.00
15-02-2019 The Fox Family I love that I got to see your 1st Comrades. Can't believe you're now on your 10th. Well done, Heather, and may the support help us reach a cure for childhood cancer. R 1000.00
18-02-2019 David Crush Jeremy sent details of your charity run! Respect! Hope it goes well. R 500.00
21-02-2019 Sally Perry Direct Donation to CHOC. R 500.00
22-03-2019 Carol Hanks Go girl on the day! R 200.00
24-04-2019 Heather Lock Direct payment to CHOC R 250.00
29-04-2019 Natalie Arkin Mills Good luck for your 10th Comrades R 500.00
29-04-2019 Catherine Farmer You are amazing, Heather! R 200.00
29-04-2019 Mike Rogers Well done for raising awareness of, and money for such a good cause. You're an amazing runner and an inspiration to us all and we'll be cheering you on the whole way on the big day. R 1000.00
09-05-2019 Anonymous Good luck Heather - fantastic achievement by a very dedicated and special runner! Enjoy every minute of your tenth - it will be a memorable day. And well done on raising funds to support those fighting cancer. R 1000.00
09-05-2019 Judy Van Der Zel You Go Girl! love J&D R 1000.00
17-05-2019 Justine Morgan Well done Heather, you are an inspiration!! R 300.00
17-05-2019 Renata Haywood R 200.00
18-05-2019 Angela Meneses 🏻 R 500.00
24-05-2019 Paul Humphreys R 2000.00
24-05-2019 Jennie Filer Direct donation to CHOC R 500.00
24-05-2019 Iain Mason R 500.00
24-05-2019 Veldten Tiemann R 200.00
25-05-2019 Allan & Sandy Jack Hope you have a great run Heather. R 500.00
25-05-2019 Jan Radnay You are just amazing. R 500.00
26-05-2019 Gordon Christie Hi Heather, what a superb cause. I trust that your 10th Comrades will go well. R 1000.00
28-05-2019 Wakule Tshabangu Good luck Heather R 100.00
28-05-2019 Sue And Jeff Harrisberg Well done Heather R 1000.00
28-05-2019 Claire Penfold Good luck! R 1000.00
28-05-2019 Amelia All the best! You are an inspiration R 1000.00
28-05-2019 Peta-Ann Chipps All the best for your 10th run, Heather. We?ll be cheering you on from Joburg! R 300.00
28-05-2019 Lebogang Sibanyoni R 500.00
28-05-2019 Elliot Schwartz R 500.00
28-05-2019 Kerry O'farrell You are an absolute inspiration! Good luck for your green number. Have a great day. R 200.00
28-05-2019 Jake Smith Go Heather go! Hope you have a really great race! R 1000.00
29-05-2019 Hein Kriek Good luck for the race. Keep going and well done for doing good things. R 500.00
29-05-2019 Matthew Gibson Wishing you all the best for every step of the journey - you are an inspiration. R 500.00
29-05-2019 J R Bradshaw Direct donation to CHOC - 25.05.2019 R 1000.00
29-05-2019 Cc Jay Run safe, have fun, catch you at Alverston R 300.00
29-05-2019 Walter Donaldson Good luck on your 10th! R 500.00
30-05-2019 Susan, Stephen, Michael Heather may you have a superb run. Wishing you every success on your 10th Comrades. Your talent, courage, and focus is an inspiration to us all. We'll be with you every step of the way. R 500.00
30-05-2019 Claire And Kristy 💖 R 500.00
30-05-2019 Fiona Bolton Hope you have a great run! Such a worthy cause x R 200.00
30-05-2019 Kevin R 250.00
30-05-2019 Judith A Friederickse Direct donation to CHOC R 200.00
31-05-2019 Herman Good luck and well done on your 10th Comrades and making it more special in supporting this worthy cause. R 500.00
02-06-2019 Caroline And Paul Podesta Go girl go. Great cause and great runner R 500.00
02-06-2019 Vicky Harris You are such an inspiration to so many of us! We miss you terribly, but can?t wait to watch your progress next weekend 💪🏼😘 R 500.00
03-06-2019 Jacqui Pearson Good luck and congrats on your charitable work R 300.00
03-06-2019 Deryn Sending love and strength to your legs and feet xx R 500.00
03-06-2019 Heather Lock Direct donation for CHOC R 1000.00
03-06-2019 Tracy Go well and enjoy every moment of your 10th. Respect R 100.00
04-06-2019 Helen Tonetti Wishing you best of luck on Sunday. Enjoy every moment! R 500.00
05-06-2019 Megan Bartlett Good luck, Heather! Sure we?ll see you on the route! R 500.00
05-06-2019 Joan Rogers Everything of the best for your Comrades R 200.00
05-06-2019 Vincenzia Leitich R 200.00
06-06-2019 Heather Lock Direct donation to CHOC R 250.00
07-06-2019 Gail Hamilton-Brown Heather -you rock! Both in your solid running track record, your leadership and discipline, your sense of community and causes that are close to your heart. All the best for your milestone 10th Comrades! You can be proud of yourself R 400.00
07-06-2019 Michelle Dick Good luck my special Heath R 250.00
08-06-2019 Simon Everett From The Everetts. Have a great run! R 1000.00
08-06-2019 Justin Hodgson Amazing job raising so much Heather! All the best on Sunday! R 200.00
11-06-2019 Douglas Clarke Direct donation to CHOC R 500.00
14-06-2019 Gladiator You are amazing Heather,Congrats ! R 1000.00
18-06-2019 Heather Lock Direct donation to CHOC R 400.00
18-06-2019 Miss Angela M Wilson - Fn Direct donation to CHOC R 200.00
18-06-2019 Parry Direct donation to CHOC R 500.00
26-06-2019 Heather Lock Direct donation to CHOC - 21.06.2019 R 500.00

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