Comrades Marathon 2020

Profile data
Club Durban Runner Athletic Club
First Name Kumaran
Last Name Moodley
Race 4 Charity CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Target Amount 75000.00
What's your story Dare to Dream. In the true spirit of the world's oldest and biggest ultra-marathon race. I wish to run my first Comrades Marathon in support of the Childhood Cancer Foundation. Please help me raise funds for this amazing organisation.

Donate Now Total Raised


R 64000.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
26-11-2019 Saskia Moodley Good luck dad R 1000.00
26-11-2019 Seb/seemz/nikz Step to Doc and hit it hard. R 500.00
27-11-2019 Niree I?m so proud of you Kumaran. All you stand for. And run for too R 5000.00
27-11-2019 Trudy Hope you have an amazing run R 500.00
27-11-2019 Yatish Kara R 500.00
27-11-2019 Terishia Let your legs do the running, your mind do the pacing, and your heart do the pushing R 1000.00
28-11-2019 Dr Tm Reddy enjoy the run. one of the good causes R 3000.00
28-11-2019 Lerusha Naidoo Best wishes to you! Amazing initiative. R 1000.00
28-11-2019 Kimesh Naidoo All the best ! Good luck R 500.00
29-11-2019 Larisha Pillay Good luck Dr Moodley! Well done for doing this! R 1000.00
30-11-2019 Lionel Kunnie R 1000.00
30-11-2019 Shaun Timmal I hope you run like the wind and not like a little girl. R 1000.00
01-12-2019 Ahamed Subrati All the best R 500.00
01-12-2019 Hridaya&jishai Great effort! Good luck👍 R 2000.00
03-12-2019 Yogandree Ramsamy Such an inspiring feat for our children! All the very best, you have the entire PMMH team behind you!!! R 1000.00
05-12-2019 Rohan Pillay All the very best Uncle K! You are a real super hero! R 1000.00
07-12-2019 Prasha Doorgapersad Run for your heart and soul Kumaren, and run for those who can?t. All the best 🏅 R 2500.00
08-12-2019 Satish Blessings to the children Congratulations Kumaran R 1000.00
08-12-2019 Jithen Niree says ?h8? R 300.00
12-12-2019 Nadia ?The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others!? Good Luck! R 10000.00
14-12-2019 Hml Enjoy ! R 500.00
20-12-2019 Yavini Reddy Excellent cause. Best of luck R 1000.00
26-01-2020 Zohra Banoo All the best for a such a altruistic initiative.. God bless R 5000.00
26-01-2020 Shuravith Ramsander R 5000.00
05-02-2020 Ashmika Gokhul Best of luck Kumaran! R 1000.00
06-02-2020 Rubeshan Naidoo All the best Kumaran !! R 3000.00
08-02-2020 Rahlia Moodley Good luck Uncle Kumi, u are my inspiration:) R 500.00
09-02-2020 Sonam & Varun Good luck Kumi Mama:-) Have a great run! R 1000.00
09-02-2020 Varsha Heera Wishing you all the best! R 500.00
10-02-2020 Eugene Subban 🏽 R 1000.00
11-02-2020 Nishal/mohini R 1000.00
13-02-2020 Mriga & Tyrone All the Best! Stay hydrated & mind strong 💪💪💪 R 5000.00
16-02-2020 Keru R 1000.00
21-02-2020 Kelo All the best Dr M R 500.00
23-02-2020 Lisanthan Moodley Wishing you all the very best Uncle Kumaran on you 1st Comrades.Proud to support your initiative. R 1000.00
27-02-2020 Vasu Chetty Champion initiative. Best wishes. R 200.00
03-03-2020 Nischal Pather 🏃 R 1000.00
04-03-2020 Thahir R 1000.00
18-03-2020 Shiraz Run Forrest Run ... R 500.00
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