Comrades Marathon 2020

Profile data
Club Alberton Amateur Athletic Club
First Name Ian
Last Name Kingon
Race 4 Charity World Vision South Africa
Target Amount 21000.00
What's your story 21st consecutive Comrades coming up! Based on the generosity of my supporters last year. let's do this again for World Vision!

Donate Now Total Raised


R 6155.00

Date/Time Donated by Message Amount
09-11-2019 Ian Kingon Here we go again... follow me, I'm right behind you! R 210.00
10-01-2020 Jean Kingon World Vision is such a great cause, if you have to do this crazy thing, then let's give it meaning! R 210.00
17-01-2020 Anonymous R 90.00
05-02-2020 Kuvuliwe Nkosi Thanks for providing this opportunity to support you - run well! R 50.00
05-02-2020 Your Running Mate With you all the way!! R 100.00
19-02-2020 Gee Douglas Thought you were stopping at 20? Oh well, happy to support you for as long as you can keep this up... be careful! R 210.00
25-02-2020 Anonymous Enjoy the run, herewith R21 from each of us R 84.00
25-02-2020 Anonymous Well done ! R 210.00
26-02-2020 Louise Du Toit R 250.00
27-02-2020 Anonymous Here's a rand for each of your first 1000km in training (that's the hard part, not so? Comrades day is just a gas!) R 1000.00
08-03-2020 Anonymous Here we go for starters (me and my dogs) R 630.00
30-03-2020 Anonymous R 21.00
30-03-2020 Anonymous R 210.00
30-03-2020 Charles Kingon Don't get too dizzy.. :) R 500.00
30-03-2020 Anonymous Next: my grandchildren R 630.00
20-04-2020 Anonymous Well done on your garden run! R 210.00
24-05-2020 Elske Thanks for providing this opportunity to support you - run well around the house 😊! Roger and myself R 200.00
27-05-2020 Anonymous Next: my children R 420.00
08-06-2020 Charles Kingon Here we go again :) R 500.00
10-06-2020 Anonymous And finally: Go Ian Go!! R 210.00
13-06-2020 Anonymous All the best for tomorrow... make us proud!! R 210.00
Comrades Marathon 2020
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